Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Sheffield Steels my Vote


Wednesday 11th February marked the day of my second visit to Sheffield University (and the one year anniversary of me and my friend seeing Taylor Swift's Red Tour..but I guess that's besides the point).

My Dad's first impression of the Uni was "Oh my god, why is there a dual carriageway going through it", and to be fair, he had a point. At first sight Sheffield may not be the most picturesque uni -especially when compared to Lincoln- but it compensates in so many ways. After he had come to terms with the fact that the road was fairly large and consequently difficult to ignore (it takes time) we went on an accommodation tour. The student villages, Endcliffe and Ranmoor, are a 15 minute bus journey away- or 25 minute walk. My favourite thing about them is the homely atmosphere, which I'm sure will be comforting to many when battling the "I miss my boyfriend " blues. Aw.

Endcliffe Halls


We then went on a campus tour, run by a very fidgety man. He was so fidgety that I can't actually remember anything that he said...but basically the buildings were all really interesting, I especially liked this one below...the architecture was pretty snazzy.

Lunch in the Students Union cafe (CoffeeRevolution) was amazing...I'd go to Sheffield purely for a chicken tikka sandwich everyday. The lights in the cafe provided me with a good excuse to snap an arty photo too...

Since all I've talked about so far is food and nice the afternoon we had some Journalism workshops with the course leaders. We got to see the Journalism building with the famous TV sofa and green screen, which was exciting! I also saw a girl who I remembered from my Lincoln interview...very comforting to see a familiar face.

As we have done after every open day, on the way home Dad and I talked about the Uni we had been to. We both agreed that overall, it's the best. The course is incredible, the Uni is part of the Russell Group, the accommodation is gorgeous, it's a vibrant city with loads of opportunities....and I'll only be 40 minutes away from my friend, who'll be in Leeds. So hopefully, that's me sorted for now...Sheffield's got to be a winner, right?

p.s... I hope all your uni-related things are coming together now! If you still can't decide though, definitely give an applicant day a try- they're really useful in helping you come to a decision (as demonstrated by moi). 
And Year 12's...get booking some open days, the earlier the better!

p.p.s, if the title didn't make sense, Sheffield is world-famous for the production of steel...geddit?

Anna x

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