Friday, 24 July 2015



***Disclaimer: I am feeling VERY NOSTALGIC.***

So. I just went to pick my little sister up from school. Not just any old Primary school. Now, on a normal day, this would be perfectly fine. Being the last day of term, the Year 6's came out of the doors with massive grins on their faces, no doubt excited to move on to Secondary School. Also, fine. Happens every year, right? Right. But, as I will be leaving home in *cries* approximately 8 weeks, this teeny-tiny event hit me HARD.

I must be honest, after a few minutes of watching kids- who were barely fetuses when I left Primary school - walk out of those doors whilst their smiling parents (and, erm, me) watched them, my hayfever certainly started to kick in. To make the situation worse, my not-so-little sister Maisie who is now 8 :( was running around crazily, flour-bombing the older kids excitedly.

Maisie then ran up to me screaming "ANNA! I'VE JUST SEEN JACOB WHO YOU USED TO LOVE!!!". Brilliant. So, as well as the turmoil of knowing that I left Primary School SEVEN YEARS ago, my sister then decided to publicly reference my boyfriend of 7 years old, which undoubtedly was met with stares from confused parents. 

I then saw my old teacher, and although I disliked her for making me do extra 'multiplication' after school, I was totally DONE. I had to leave. But, I accidentally ran in to my FAVOURITE DINNER LADY -who I remember holding hands with most lunchtimes, as I was too shy to talk to kids my own age. HAHA.)

Overall, a weird 30 minutes. I certainly did not expect to react to a few kids leaving school so very dramatically, but Primary School days were THE BEST DAYS. Sure, I'm SUPER excited to go to Uni, to study something which I know I will love, and finally gain that independence which I've rattled on about for the past three years of my life. But it's's all happened so fast. I'm trying my best to embrace the change, as I am more than absolutely sure that I would rather be going to a new, exciting city than staying in Sixth Form for another 2 years. But reflecting on Primary School, when your biggest concern was whether you'd be invited to Jessica's party...(Or in my case, how to speak to Jacob without blushing like a lil tomato)....Wowza.

So. I've got 8 weeks to sort myself out and get Uni-ready (By that, I mean learn to control my emotions and EMBRACE CHANGE). LETS DO THIS.

Anna x

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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Wimbledon in Wales


I’m currently writing this in my pyjamas whilst watching Wimbledon with Harika (she’s the one who wants to go to Leeds Uni. My only friend. JOKIN). We’ve got French baguette with cream cheese and salami, living the high life. We’re also in Wales! Having a chiiiiiiill holiday and celebrating the end of exams (and seven years of Secondary School) in style. If style consists of glamping it up in a caravan and bearing daily cold showers, that is. All in all, this is the life (and also why summer is most definitely my favourite season).

If you’re wondering, the sunglasses are an attempt to pretend that the overcast Welsh sky is ACTUALLY beautiful sun. I’m not just being a diva at the fact that I’m being practically forced to watch 3 hours of Wimbledon over being on the beach. Honest.

My main incentive for this totally Uni-related blog post (as always) is the fact that I went to the Sheffield Uni open day a year ago today! Weeeeeird, those 365 days sure did fly by. As Results Day gets closer, my blood pressure gets higher and the nightmares become more frequent. Only joking. Or am I? It’s definitely a waiting game, BUT in all honesty the days of Sixth Form and exams are long gone, and boring books about the French Revolution (Sorry Sally Waller) have been replaced with ACTUAL ENJOYABLE READING. Love it. I’m currently enjoying Insurgent –the second book in the Divergent series- but it has occurred to me that maybe I should be learning some Shorthand instead. Maybe. Another day? Most of all, I certainly need to treasure my sleep at the moment, as at Sheffield shorthand classes begin at 6am (HAHA).

In other news, I’ve started looking at jobs for Uni –Well. My Mum has a friend whose son knows someone who owns a restaurant in Sheffield…So that’s about the extent of my ‘looking’. But anyway, I have been advised by many people to start looking for jobs BEFORE Uni, and not just when you get there (when thousands of other people will be searching also.)

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Anna x

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

When Annie met Sally


Firstly: I'M REALLY SUPER EXCITED TO BE BLOGGER OF THE MONTH AGAIN! Thank you so much to everybody who voted...Keep going because Blogger of the Year competition is coming up in August (this is basically a total of all the votes since we started blogging); VERY exciting. Ta daaaaa:

Last weekend my friend from Wales, Sally, came to stay so I finally have something Uni-related to blog about. YAHOO! I met Sally in France when I was 15 and she was, being a year younger she's currently looking at different uni's and writing the dreaded personal statement. She wants to study Chemical Engineering (I attempted to understand what this is but my brain just couldn't hack it. Chemistry was never my subject. Or biology (or physics)). ANYWAYS, she came to see me in the wonderful land of Derby (no sarcasm intended) after an open day at Loughborough University, which she really liked. We spent the weekend attempting (and failing) to ride a tandem, having a massive picnic, and eating lots of ice cream.

Overall, Sally's visit made me realise a few things...

Firstly, although at the time of writing them, personal statements seem like THE. BIGGEST. DEAL. EVER, they're really not. Don't get me wrong, you can't spend two minutes writing it and produce 42 lines on how your passion for eating pizza can help you get to University. HOWEVER, predominantly I learnt that as long as you CRAM it with experience, along with a mega-enthusiastic passion to study your particular course, you're personal statement will be WONDERFUL. I spent hours changing teeny words and stressing about things like "DO I USE A COLON OR A SEMI-COLON??? THIS WILL DETERMINE WHETHER I GET IN OR NOT". It won't. Give yourself a slap in the face (or alternatively take a stroll) and remember that this is just another small step towards getting to the University you want to go to.

Secondly, enjoy it! Amongst all the stress, deciding what you want to do with your life is kinda a little bit exciting. Make your decision wisely and do what's best for YOU, not your parents, your friends or your great-auntie Hilda. Definitely not your great-auntie Hilda.

Speech over.

In other news, I started ACTUAL-UNIVERSITY-PREPARATION yesterday! My brother and I made home-made spaghetti and meatballs for tea, along with orange flapjack for pudding. I'm getting there right?

P.s After somebody pointed it out, I am starting to realise that I have a slightly extreme obsession with brackets and capital letters. I LOVE THEM. There I go again.

P.p.s Like the ingenious film reference?? Anybody?

Anna x