Friday, 24 July 2015



***Disclaimer: I am feeling VERY NOSTALGIC.***

So. I just went to pick my little sister up from school. Not just any old Primary school. Now, on a normal day, this would be perfectly fine. Being the last day of term, the Year 6's came out of the doors with massive grins on their faces, no doubt excited to move on to Secondary School. Also, fine. Happens every year, right? Right. But, as I will be leaving home in *cries* approximately 8 weeks, this teeny-tiny event hit me HARD.

I must be honest, after a few minutes of watching kids- who were barely fetuses when I left Primary school - walk out of those doors whilst their smiling parents (and, erm, me) watched them, my hayfever certainly started to kick in. To make the situation worse, my not-so-little sister Maisie who is now 8 :( was running around crazily, flour-bombing the older kids excitedly.

Maisie then ran up to me screaming "ANNA! I'VE JUST SEEN JACOB WHO YOU USED TO LOVE!!!". Brilliant. So, as well as the turmoil of knowing that I left Primary School SEVEN YEARS ago, my sister then decided to publicly reference my boyfriend of 7 years old, which undoubtedly was met with stares from confused parents. 

I then saw my old teacher, and although I disliked her for making me do extra 'multiplication' after school, I was totally DONE. I had to leave. But, I accidentally ran in to my FAVOURITE DINNER LADY -who I remember holding hands with most lunchtimes, as I was too shy to talk to kids my own age. HAHA.)

Overall, a weird 30 minutes. I certainly did not expect to react to a few kids leaving school so very dramatically, but Primary School days were THE BEST DAYS. Sure, I'm SUPER excited to go to Uni, to study something which I know I will love, and finally gain that independence which I've rattled on about for the past three years of my life. But it's's all happened so fast. I'm trying my best to embrace the change, as I am more than absolutely sure that I would rather be going to a new, exciting city than staying in Sixth Form for another 2 years. But reflecting on Primary School, when your biggest concern was whether you'd be invited to Jessica's party...(Or in my case, how to speak to Jacob without blushing like a lil tomato)....Wowza.

So. I've got 8 weeks to sort myself out and get Uni-ready (By that, I mean learn to control my emotions and EMBRACE CHANGE). LETS DO THIS.

Anna x

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