Thursday, 13 August 2015


HELLO! Here is the start of a blog post I wrote on the night before Results Day...

Results Day. Those two, simple words are enough to frighten teenagers (and parents) all over the country. *See example. Safe to say, I'm terrified. Suddenly, this year Results Day means SO MUCH more. It doesn't just mean "Will I get an A in History?" or "I hope I get in to Sixth Form". Just the fear about grades is enough. But add in the fact that Universities are involved, and that's enough to tip me over the edge (or run away to a far away place). 
*Example: Earlier, I was out with my friends and one of us said "Results day is soon", and one of my other friends literally, DROPPED TO THE FLOOR. This is not a joke. She curled up in to a cocoon shape and muttered "Results day, results day...", like a crazed person.

I stopped there as I promptly fell asleep. It was about 1am, soooo. ANYWAY. Upon reflection, I didn't reaaaaally need to worry. I'm absolutely OVER THE MOON...I got A*AB. When I woke up this morning, I felt SO sick, as I'm sure thousands of other teens across the country did. But, I checked on UCAS before I went to school, and spent a good few painful minutes deliberating over whether "Congratulations, you have a place at the University of Sheffield!" meant that I was in or not. TURNS OUT IT DID, so lots of screaming/crying ensued.

At school, Harika and I nervously opened our results only to find that we got the exact same grades. YAHOOOO! All my friends did so well...I am crazily proud of all of them. Thank you to all of my besties and my amazeballs family for being the best support system ever during two years which have often been incredibly stressful.

I also told my Dad my results live on the radio this morning on his can listen
here! After that aired, East Midlands Today heard it so rang me to ask for a TV interview! It was totally surreal having a film crew in my living room asking me about my results...If you want to watch it, I'll be on BBC 1 at 6:30 tonight, or Sky channel 960. I also went out for dinner earlier only to get a phone call from the Sheffield Star, asking if they could do an interview with me too...what a mental day!
Congrats to everyone who got their results today. Whatever your 'next step' may be, I hope it is an amazing, crazy, exciting one. Enjoy it. I'm off on my hols now, so have a superb summer!

Anna xxx

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