Friday, 27 March 2015

Late-Night Ponderings


I'm in a blogging mood. There's something about the hour of 12:04 (AM..oops), being on my window seat, and listening to Ed Sheeran's (dreamy) acoustics which makes my brain go TRALALALA. So here we go.

Today was the last day of term (!!), coursework has been handed in and all my stress went with it. Kinda. It's certainly another thing out of the way, but it also means that now focus is on revising. Which makes things a lot more serious. I can feel it getting to that time again, the time of "Oh no exams are coming and I am totally unprepared once again"...but I will attempt to stay in my cocoon of obliviousness for as long as humanly possible. 

To add fun to the...never-ending fun, this year there are Uni deadlines also. So that means firm/insurance decisions, finance applications and sorting out accommodation. I've now got 2/3 of that out of the way, but I have yet to sort out where I'll be living- no biggie...right? In order to achieve optimum peacefulness, definitely get your firm choice decided asap, purely to get another thing off your mind (and also so that during moments of procrastination you can start googling pretty pictures of where you'll be going, eek.)

There's your incentive to pick a Uni, GO. No pressure though, you've officially got until around May 6th (check UCAS for more specific dates as it can depend).
Anyways, enough from me, I'm probably rambling and making no sense. SLEEP IS CALLING.

Let me know how you're getting on!

Anna x

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