Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Early-morning Ponderings


I'm currently blogging from the school bus, changing it up a bit. James Blunt's "Goodbye My Lover" just came on shuffle and I'm feeling like it's 2005 or something..weird. A small (big) part of me wants to sing-a-long dramatically and pretend I'm in a music video.

I quite like bus journeys. Especially when it's sunny (like today) it gives you time to think and basically just stare out of the window and use very little brain power. Winner. does this relate to Uni? Well. It seems like it's finally dawning on people that we have now started our last EVER not-even-half term, and in almost a month we'll be leaving school. Not going to lie to you, this thought absolutely petrifies me and makes me get all these funny feelings inside. It's just odd (and very scary) to think that soon,
the place that I've been at for seven whole years, with the same group of friends, won't be a part of my life any more. Not only this, but also my best friends will suddenly be scattered across the country and we won't be getting the bus together every morning (ironic since I'm on my own right now), being bored out of our mind's in lessons or (also ironically) wishing we could leave school and be "proper adults".

So, I'm trying to appreciate and remember every day we have left before the scary part -yet equally, the exciting adventure- begins.

Anna x

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