Monday, 22 June 2015



I have FINALLY found time in my busy schedule -of watching films, making smoothies and sleeping- to write a much-needed blog post. Yay! Sooooo...the exciting part- EXAMS ARE OVER! Can you sense my happiness through the computer? I'm sending happy vibes right now.

Exams were okay. I think. We can always hope. Only the 13th August will tell *screams in fear*

It's odd to think that school is OFFICIALLY over...Not sure what to think about that one. I reckon it's going to take a good few months (or years) to actually miss it, but it still feels weird. Anyways, I'm not complaining, as it's a Monday morning and I'm still in my pjs watching Take Me Out on repeat. Winning. 

The other result of leaving school? University seems so much closer. I'm definitely excited now, and I think the element of being absolutely petrified is wearing off. I think. Somebody mentioned to me at work at the weekend that it's less than 100 days before we go! (I also just worked it out and it's now 13 weeks...THIRTEEN WEEKS. Maybe I was wrong about the whole not being scared thing??). One of my friends is already clearing out her bedroom ready to go, plus my Nan rings me on a regular basis asking questions like "What size tins of beans do you want for Uni?", or the latest "I've bought you a lovely fruit bowl" family are well prepared for September (or just crazy?). I'm also finding the University groups on Facebook highly entertaining- especially when full-scale arguments break out and people say things like "I hate you all already". Nice.

Anyways, I better get back to doing absolutely nothing:) Saying that, we've just got a new puppy so my current job is a puppy-sitter, which is actually a very demanding occupation. He's so cute though, I don't actually mind...

B&W for emotional effect


I hope that everybody's exams went well! Year 12's, this is just the beginning for you...get
booking open days asap, as well as ordering prospectuses in bulk (that's the best part).

P.S, the Blogger of the Year competition is coming up soon, and it would be totally fab if you could vote for me:) The link is
it takes approx 3.6 seconds and you could win some shopping vouchers! Woooohooo.

Anna x

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