Thursday, 28 May 2015

Smoothies with a side of revision


Apologies for my shameful lack of posts at the moment *hangs head in shame*. My excuses are; revision, procrastination...and more revision. Well, kinda. Really, I've been wrapped up in the (emotional) turmoil of leaving school. On the 15th we officially "left"...which basically means taking excessive amounts of photos (only to return to school the following Monday for revision sessions). That evening my besties and I all went out for a celebratory meal, which resulted in lots of the middle of the restaurant. Only slightly embarrassing.

ALSO, we "officially officially" left our seven years of school last Friday on Prom night. 

Anyways, enough about my social life...exams are approaching (too) fast! My first one is on the 8th June, but they're over by the 15th. I hope you all do as well as you hope...hard work in the next few weeks will be sure to get you there! (Ironic coming from me...After ordering a smoothie maker I've spent the past few days making very adventurous concoctions in a feeble attempt to avoid revision). But in all seriousness, this one last push to get to Uni is extremely daunting but very exciting...power through guys and gals.

And on the subject of feels even closer now after leaving school! So far I've made a list of things I'll need to take, as well as eyeing up cute crockery wherever I go...pretty knives and forks are essential, right?

P.s If you're getting a bit fed up of never-ending note-writing (like me), you might want to try a FutureLearn course...I've been doing one for my Drama exam prep, and they're brilliant for offering a different way to revise. They've got a range of different courses which are all the website is pretty cool. If you fancy it, go to 

P.p.s I am super excited to be 'Blogger of the Month' for the second time:) Thank you!

Good luck with all your exams! And if you've already finished, give yourself a well-deserved rest:)

Anna x

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