Tuesday, 19 January 2016

A jam-packed January


First of all...A very late happy new year! January has been jam-packed- I turned 19 on the 1st (yay), after which I haven't really stopped. On the 4th my boyfriend surprised me with a mini-break to Rome for my birthday, which was AMAZING. It is such a beautiful city and I really would recommend it to anyone. After that I spent a weekend with my Dad and Step-Mum and we went out for an amazing meal (who would've thought oatcakes with home-made cheese could taste SO good.) This was the same weekend on which it dawned on me that my exams were in a week...Panic ensued and revision then started. Better later than ever eh.


I also met up with all my friends from school (in Wetherspoons, where else), which was so good. Callum and I went to Planet Bounce which was SUPER FUN...It's basically a room full of trampolines. However I did end up with an injured back...He said that if I managed to flip successfully that he would buy me some McDonald's chips. Of course, I obliged, and landed on a piece of wood....and not the trampoline. I still got chips though so who's the real winner??!

I went to see Derby play a (bad) game of football, and also went to work with my Dad at BBC Radio Notts which was SO fun. I got to answer the listener's phone calls which was so exciting- even when they were shouting at you about Junior Doctor strikes....

I basically spent the rest of the week revising, and now I am back in Sheff! It was difficult coming back- I had gotten so settled in back at home so it's weird having all this independence (and a leaking kettle) again. On Monday I had my first exam (Spanish), which went better than expected! I also had a Journalism exam yesterday and I've got two left. Powering through.

So there's the first half of my busy month- which brings me to my current position, in the Students Union typing this post. Yay!

With the UCAS deadline being last week, I'm sure it has been a busy month for all you Year 13's too. This time last year seems a world away now! I was talking to my friend over the holiday's and she's really nervous about going to Uni, so much so that she's considering not going. But as I said to her, everyone is nervous and we were all in the same boat. Please don't let it stop you from going! People always talk about bad Uni experiences, but I can guarantee that for every bad experience there are at least 30 good ones. (Please don't quote me on that. It's an educated guess ok).

As for Year 12's...If you're struggling at the moment just remember that you're going through the hardest part of A-Levels now. Okay that may not sound too great- but Year 13 will feel so much better as you'll know exactly what you're getting in to.

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Thanks for reading!

Anna x

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