Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Trains, Travelling and Tea


I'm writing this post on a train to Leeds to see my friend, which is a definite new experience! Weirdly enough the last time I blogged on public transport was all those months ago when I was on a bus to school...on April 15th, to be exact. That was almost a year ago?!

So I just read that post back. (If you didn't see it you can read it here)

I remember so distinctly how worried I was about leaving my best friends. Upon reflection it has been harder and easier than I anticipated; harder in the way that nothing can prepare you for the shock apart from actually experiencing it....and easier in the way that I still see my friends a lot, and I've made some fab friends at Uni too.

Last weekend my friends and I all met up in Lincoln, as two of them are studying there. This was the first time that we've all met up in one of our uni cities, and we had the best time. It's really strange seeing some of your best friends in other groups, and "I can't believe you have other friends!!!" was a sentence used a lot whilst we were there.

I think that being apart for so long tightens your group so much when you all come back together.

One of the biggest worries for most people going to Uni is that they won't make friends, or at least won't make close friends. But in reality Uni is probably the easiest way to make friends- everyone's in the same boat and you're bound to click with someone.

Anyways- this is the last week before we break up for Easter! I'm going to Madrid next Monday with the Spanish Society which I'm really excited about, and after that I can't wait to get back home (and not have to worry about cooking tea and doing washing).

I was meant to spend this journey practicing my shorthand so I best get to it anyway. I did my 80 words per minute exam last week so I'm praying for a pass!

I hope everyone has a good Easter!

Anna x

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