Wednesday, 30 March 2016



Writing blog posts on transport seems to be a recent habit of mine doesn't it?

I'm 6 hours in to a 7 hour train to wales and I am truly losing the will to LIVE. So what else to do but write a blog post?

This train was meant to take 4 and a half hours, but after loads of diversions and confusion, here I am, still miles and miles away from where I'm going (to see my family who are at our cottage in Harlech).

Obviously, its chucking it down. But to be honest, I dont mind, rainy Wales is when I'm truly at home (although I'd prefer a bit of sun).

My trip to Madrid with the spanish society was INCREDIBLE (pardon my enthusiasm), but we really did have the best time. It's such a beautiful city and sharing such a cool experience with new friends really made me appreciate the amazing opportunites which come with the whole 'going to uni' thing.

We ate ridiculous amounts of paella, discovered interesting spanish bars, saw a 'semana santa' procession (google it...) and even sunbathed.

Then I spent a nice few days with my Dad and Step-Mum back home, and now I'm back on the move again. (Sometimes I question whether I actually ever stay in one place for more than a few days). My step-mum is pregnant too, so I'm super excited to be a big sister (again!!).

But anyway I'm excited to spend some time with my family in Waaaeeels (did you read that in a Welsh accent??), after this dreaded train journey is over.

So far I've spilt mini eggs all over the floor, broken my suitcase and talked to a man for an hour who told me about his 12 horses and how he felt like a "nobody" in life. Interesting right? I do love speaking to new people though (I guess that would be an issue if not since I'm a journalism student). You can always learn things from new people and this particular guy told me to take every opportunity possible whilst I still could- he said he felt that he was getting too old now to truly do what he wants in life. He looked really nostalgic as he said that that particular feeling was "centuries away" for me.

I've carried about 6 different books with me on this train so maybe I should read at least one of them....But I guess the message of this blog post is to say 'yes' to everything you can, because as this man told me, one day you might not have such opportunities.


Anna x

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