Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Pancakes, Plaits and 10,000 views


How's everyone doing? I'm sure things are busy at the mo as the dreaded month of May has arrived. Well it arrived a while ago actually but the end of May is always the worst...

My first exam is on June 1st which is scary (but also I'm not too worried which is reflected in my extreme lack of revision). But lectures ended last week which means that I now have all the time in the world to revise (and do other things like go out for spontaneous pancakes and learn how to french plait my own hair).

Post pancakes..
A few exciting things have happened recently! Number one, I have hit 10,000 views on my blog which I am SUPER excited about!!! I can't believe that so many people have read my little blog which I use to ramble about random life things. Thank you!!
Alsoooo, I have got work experience with the Derby Telegraph this summer! Recently I was Editor for our first newsday at Uni which was fab so I am super excited to experience a real newsroom.

Since my last blog post things have been really busy! I interviewed the best ametuer boxer in Yorkshire which was cool, as well as a woman who was starting up a healthy living centre in a deprived area to help the women there. Since almost every one of my articles so far has been related to feminism, I thought I would carry on, and chose to base my coursework essay on the tampon tax. For that I interviewed the woman who started the petition to end the tampon tax as well as feminists from all over Sheffield, which was fab. 

Also, my wonderful Auntie got married to her fiance Charles at the start of May, which was an incredible day. Seeing her get married after years of looking up to her (from across the globe as she lives in South Africa) was an amazingly emotional feeling. 

I also spent a day in the peaks a few weeks ago with my boyf which was fun! I'm loving the sunny weather at the mo (although it does mean that there is a massive distraction from revision...) Last weekend I went home to babysit my little bro and sis which was fun, and I got to see one of my besties Lucy who I hadn't seen in months. 

Last week I took my 100wpm exam which was exciiiiiiting (I literally can't wait to stop those 9am classes). Although I'm not sure it went too well as I missed a sentence out which could definitely mean that I've failed...But I'm keeping everything crossed at the mo so I don't have to re-take it again!

Anyways I best do my first bit of revision today before my exam next week. Sigh. I really can't wait for summer now (but at the same time I'm going to be so sad to leave Uni!)

Good luck with exams!!

Anna x

Ps, you can vote for me as Blogger of the Month on this link...www.ucas.com/connect/blogs/voting :)

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