Friday, 29 April 2016

One month later...


I just had a little look at when I last wrote a blog post and I am absolutely ASHAMED that it was a whole month ago. I should be sent to blogging prison.

Ever since we got back to Uni everything has been SO busy. In the first two weeks I didn't have one night in (I can't even remember what I was doing). Unlike when I came back to Uni after Christmas, I was really excited to get back into it after Easter. I didn't even cry when my Mum left. That's what I call absolute success.

The first week involved some fun nights out, lots of socialising and overall not much Uni work. The second week was Varsity, so I covered loads of different events with the student radio. From ice hockey to volleyball, most of the time I had no idea what was going on ("was that a goal??") but I eventually got the hang of it and found that sports reporting was really exciting! Also the final (which gets the biggest Varsity crowd outside North America) was SO much fun. I also didn't let claustrophobia stop me from getting on the tram to get there, which I was quite proud of. It was a long 15 minutes of my life but we made it there eventually and I had the best time. I also went home briefly for my Auntie's hen do which was a fab day. I'm SUPER excited to be a bridesmaid at her wedding this weekend! The second week didn't involve much (if any) Uni work either.

Horticultural Therapy session

So here I am in the third week, stressing because I feel like I have a million deadlines and less than a few weeks to complete everything. AGH. At the start of this week I went back to my patch in Sheffield (Burngreave), to talk to some women who were using horticultural therapy to combat mental illness. It was my first proper interview and I really enjoyed getting to know the women and listening to their stories.

ALSO, I got accepted to study in Madrid next year for a semester!! I'm SUPER excited. I'm doing it with Erasmus, so I'll have to find someone to live in my room from January to June next year (which I hope won't be too difficult). It's gonna be so weird going to Uni again but in a different country...

Hope everyone's good! I remember this time last year and 2 years ago that the stress and pressure was getting crazy at this point. Try to keep in mind why you're doing it- so you can get to Uni or start an apprenticeship or start working or whatever it is that you want to do. It will all be worth it in the end. And if you need to take a break, take one. A-Levels aren't the end of the world! (although it definitely seems that way at the time).

I feel so old.

Anna x

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