Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Skylines, Sheffield and not much sleep


Where to has been a busy month (or two)! First year of Uni seems like years ago and summer has been fab so far. Pretty much as soon as I left Uni I jetted off to the Big Apple with my bestie and her family. Ever since I can remember it has been an absolute DREAM of mine to visit New York and it certainly lived up to my very high expectations. Our time there literally flew by but it was incredible and I can't stop looking at my (thousands of) pics. 

After NYC I had a few days at home (when I saw my fab friends), before I went to Portugal with my Dad, Step-Mum and brother, which was fab (and very hot). Last weekend my friend and I also went to Tramlines festival in Sheffield which was sooooo good. Catfish and the Bottlemen and Kelis headlined (4 rows from the front during Kelis was certainly an experience). After an extreme lack of sleep and a lot of bad food I am now back home feeling drained of all life and energy. Going to Sheffield meant that I got to visit our new house for the first time since our contract started. I was super excited to stay in the new house, however finding it dirty and unhygienic was a bit of a shock, so we spent a decent amount of time cleaning....

The house will definitely be homely once everyone has moved in but for now I am glad to be back home and have a shower knowing that I might not get sabotaged by giant spiders.

Some of my friends at Uni have also said that they found their new houses to be dirty, so make sure if you have this problemo that you speak to your landlord and make sure that you're happy with the condition you find it in. That is what they are there for after all.

Also while I was in Portugal I found out my Uni results for First Year, which turned out to be a massive stress as I got an email 4 hours before results came out saying that I had failed one of my modules...After a painful wait I eventually found out that I had been put down as failing a module which I hadn't taken. So I hadn't failed PHEW and actually got a 2.1 which I was pretty happy with. 

It's weird to think that this time last year I was starting to decide what to take to Uni (I needed a while to think judging by how much stuff I actually took with me...) At some point in the next month I'm going to write a post on all the essentials that you should take with you (as I really feel like that would've helped me!) If there are any other posts which you think would come in useful then ask away :)

I hope you have enjoyed this post!

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