Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Preparing for Results Day


I must say I wish I could write every post with this view....

I am currently on a Greek island with my family enjoying blissful weather and lots of relaxation. Is there really a better place to write a blog post?!

With Results Day fast approaching, I was thinking about my biggest worries this time last year about going to Uni. Mainly it was 'Am I even going to get in to Uni', along with 'What if I don't make any friends', 'What if I don't like my flatmates', etc. Worries which literally everyone will have.

People around you will no doubt use the usual cliches; you've tried your best, there's nothing you can do now, or the worst: try not to think about it. Which only makes you think about it more. But a lot of what people say is true- If you get in to your first choice Uni, amazing, and if you don't, you are pretty much guaranteed to have just as good of a time at a different Uni, or even staying at home and doing something completely different.

I distinctly remember going to the park the day before Results Day with my friends last year, with all of us totally on edge for the next day. When we started talking about it, one of my friends fell to the floor and didn't move until we stopped talking about it (Which was extremely funny in hindsight...)

The pre-results breakdown

Emotions (and sicky feelings) are sky-high on Results Day, but for me it turned out to be an amazing day (I never expected that later that day there would be a TV crew at my house filming me for the news that night!). Also I actually found out that I had gotten in to Sheffield before I got my results, so I went to school feeling slightly calmer. So as much as the words 'Results Day' might fill you with absolute dread, be confident knowing that there is a very big chance that it could turn out to be a pretty fab day, and pave the way to a very exciting future.

To sum this all up, here are 3 top tips on how to make the day as painless (and hopefully enjoyable) as possible.

1. Check UCAS before you collect your results
2. Be confident
3. Breathe (always a good one to remember.)

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