Sunday, 4 September 2016

A big list of absolutely everything you need to take to University


In light of writing blog posts in random places recently, this is my first ever post written....on a plane! I am currently on the way back from Greece with my family (boooo). We've had an amazing time and I am definitely not ready to return to dreary England!

As promised, here is my post on what you should take to Uni. When I was packing I found that I was just shoving random bits in to bags instead of properly thinking about what I wanted to take. As a lover of lists, I desperately wanted a big list of everything I needed to take. So, hopefully this will help some of you out who were in the same position as I was.....

Bedroom- We were given a bin, a desk chair and a mattress
1. Duvet, duvet cover, sheets, mattress protector (take a few of each)
2. Pillows, pillow case
2. A cute rug to spruce up your room a bit
3. Cushions
4. Decorations to make you feel more at home- Things that hang on door handles, photo frames, candles, fairy lights etc (If you're allowed them...)
5. Photos and blu-tac
6. Scissors and Sellotape (Something we were constantly searching for in my flat...)
7. Laptop, phone, chargers, camera
8. Door-stops (good for being sociable!)
9. Books, films, speakers
10. Purse, cards, ID, passport, important documents etc
11. Bags (including the essential clutch/bumbag for nights out!)
12. Posters to brighten up your bedroom
13. Clothes (and coat hangers)- suitable for winter and summer! 
14. Sunglasses (an essential to cover up those massive Freshers eye-bags)
15. A Tv
16. Clothes horse (or another variation of the word depending on where you are from!)
17. Stationery and books
18. Clothes basket
19. Ear plugs. Prepare for a few sleepless nights...
20. Medicine (paracetamol is a Fresher's must)

1. Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, shavers etc
2. Toothbrush (something else I forgot...)
3. Toothpaste and holder
4. Soap
5. Toilet cleaner, bleach, toilet brush
6. Towels (and hand towels)
7. Toilet rolls

Kitchen- My halls provided a toaster and a kettle, but make sure you check what you get before you go!
1. Mugs
2. Pans (take quite a few of these too)
3. Chopping boards
4. Cutlery (A key item which I left at home), sharp knives
5. Plates, bowls, side plates etc
6. Bin bags, sandwich bags, foil, cling film, tea towels
7. Wooden spoons, pizza cutters, fish slice
8. Baking trays
9. Tuppaware
10. Tea bags (an ESSENTIAL)

I would also recommend doing a food shop before you go to save stressing when you get there. Buy things like bread, milk, tins of beans, butter, pasta and sauce, etc, meals that you can prepare easily when you're wrapped up in Fresher's excitement. Luckily there was a shop directly opposite my halls in Endcliffe, but you might not be so lucky...

Hopefully I have covered most things but I can guarantee that I have missed something! Don't worry too much about packing for Uni, at the end of the day you can't be as bad as me and forget plates and cutlery.

Here's my room when I had settled in....

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Anna x

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  1. All very well and good, but you forgot *the* most important thing: teabags! Worth leaving to be the last thing you pack, so they're the first to unpack; that way, you can reward your parents' driving with a brew on arrival!