Sunday, 30 November 2014

Lincoln, Lights and (contemplating) Life


I am writing this with a looming thought in the back of my mind which is "history essay". But blogging seems FAR more appealing, so here I am. Ta Daaaa.

I survived my Lincoln interview! *round of applause* 
Despite getting a tad lost upon arrival and having a mini heart attack when I thought I was in the wrong place (I wasn't), it was all fine and dandy. First I had an "interviewing skills" workshop, in which we asked the person we were sat next to a few questions, and addressed them as "my new friend". Aah. 

-Side note- The man who lead the workshop was so fascinating, one of those people who has endless interesting stories to tell. His "unusual fact" was that he is an avid collector of Soviet watches. DOES IT GET COOLER THAN THAT? I felt very boring.

We then went on to a radio workshop, where we worked together to create a news bulletin, which was super fun and I got to interview one of the course leaders. I felt all important holding a microphone a little bit too close to his face. Oops.

Lastly we had a general knowledge test. As soon as I heard the words "general knowledge", I knew that I was doomed for failure. Call me a pessimist, but as I predicted I failed miserably with a feeble 4/10. *Bring out the violins*. 
What was especially embarrassing (mainly for the football lovers in my family) was that I had NO IDEA who the England football manager is. Soz Roy. 

We finished on an interview (which I realised I had to ACE given my (lack of) general knowledge. No pressure) It went really well, the interviewer was lovely and he suggested lots of ideas for the Sixth Form Magazine, which was great. He also said "You can look back at this magazine when you're the editor of Vogue and say "This is where it all started"; cue me dying inside. 

Overall it was a wonderful day and definitely not worth all the stressing. Walking out of the Media building and hearing people chattering, feeling the wintry breeze and seeing the bustly restaurants and lights of the city really made me think "I can totally see myself here."
-Having said that I'm a total sucker for pretty lights so maybe it didn't tell me much. Who knows.

Anna x

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