Wednesday, 29 April 2015

41 Minutes

Who knew train stations could be so pretty...
Why hello there!

You'll be excited to know that I actually have something to blog about! Hurrah! So, fingers crossed - but I can't promise anything - this post will be insightful with no general life ramblings involved. Here goes.

Last weekend my friend Harika and I embarked on a journey to Sheffield on the search for prom dresses. Indeed, this was an exciting prospect- our first trip together to my future home of three years! Although we spent the majority of the day relentlessly searching for dresses in (CONFUSING) Meadowhall, we eventually made it to the city centre for some Sheffield-style adventures. Naturally, before we had even left the station I starting taking tourist-like snaps:

After lots of Google-mapping and back streets, we made it to the Uni. We headed for the Journalism building and I gave a mini tour...until we realised that the rooms were all locked. Oops. We swiftly exited after realising that students were staring at us. We then explored the Students Union, where I, um, cried. Ideally I would whisk over this part, however I do feel that it was an important part of the day. IN A NUTSHELL, we were outside, taking in the view, when I saw a group of students sat around a table all laughing and drinking together. And it suddenly hit me that soon I would be one of those people, but with new faces, new friends - See my last blog post for more on this emotional turmoil business - Can I just add that these were not a few small tears. These were full on can't-control-my-breathing tears. Not a pretty sight. Meanwhile Harika was crying tears...of laughter at how much of a loser I am. So am I just an emotional wreck or a caring friend? You decide....

After much fun in the oscillating lift, we asked a friendly student how to get back to the centre of Sheffield and got the train home to the home land of Derby.

Bright and early the next day we got the train to Leeds - Harika's top Uni choice - for an accommodation day. We were very excited by the HUGE map in the city centre, so took the opportunity to take some photos which put our future separation in to perspective.

Leeds University is beautiful, I must say I was very impressed. My mission of the day was to fully persuade Harika that Leeds should be number one, as she was debating between there and Newcastle (TOO FAR AWAY). So we took many tourist-like pics and received many stares from confused students.

Making peace with the tower block

We decided to visit the Uni halls of Sentinal, The Tannery, Devonshire Hall, James Baillie and Leodis. For any prospective Leeds students...we personally preferred James Baillie and The Tannery...until we experienced the social haven of Leodis. Despite the initial dodgy-vibe of the area due to the large tower block which it faces, all our apprehension disappeared when we walked in to the flats. We were met by bubbly and excitable students who seemed to be genuinely loving the Uni life. After Harika's auntie rather (un)tactfully asked the students, the accommodation manager, a passer-by and a taxi driver about the 'residential area', we eventually decided that when considering all the factors, Leodis was the best place - and indeed the place - to be. (I mean, who would say no to a double-bed?).

"Please stop taking photos, you are so embarrassing"

Overall, a very insightful two days! Sheffield accommodation was certainly a lot simpler to apply for with only two choices for flats. However, with somewhere like Leeds, where there are 16 different sites, it is definitely advisable to visit them beforehand just to ensure that the place will be right for you...For example, we had heard that Central Village was the perfect place to live at Leeds Uni. However, our minds were quickly changed once we went in to the flats themselves, which seemed deprived of all fun and life. We swiftly departed.

  • Remember that all Uni decisions - firm and insurance choices - must be made by May 6th. If you're still deliberating, book some trains and get to your top two choices! Alternatively do some more research in to your choices and ask your friends/family for advice.
  • Otherwise, keep working for those grades with help from a cup of tea and lots of biscuits:)
I must say I am BEYOND HAPPY that we have officially confirmed Sheffield and Leeds as our firm choices. A 41 minute train journey away from each other. We'll be fine and dandy.

Anna x

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